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This page contains documentation for the software used by the Mechatronics Education Center.  View the document by clicking on the name of the software.


Circuit Challenges

Festo Didactic

  • Cosimir PLC

    COSIMIR® PLC brings the automated system, and in fact not just one, directly to the student's PC workstation – in the form of 3D simulations in real time. The student can look into the system from every angle, adjust sensors, press switches, test subsystems and - last but not least - use a real PLC to control the virtual system.
  • FluidSim_H

    Realistic simulations in real time

    • Calculation of pressure and flow rate, current and voltage
    • Calculation of piston speed taking into consideration all friction losses
    • Calculation of actual pressure drops at throttle points for example
    • Error messages for open circuits and drawing errors
    • Variable cylinder design and simulation for pulling and pushing loads 
  • FluidSim_P

    FluidSIM®-P is interactive self-learning software program that teaches the knowledge of basic elements of pneumatic controls.  Students can solve key exercises of a pneumatic course in theory and practice.  Many different types of exercises ensure that the course is both interesting and successful. The student will draw circuit diagrams and symbols, answer multiple-choice questions, identify and assign parts of control and drive elements. 


EzOPC is an OPC server which provides two data links:

  • To an “EasyPort EA module Baugruppe” from Festo Didactic
  • To a “STEP 7 Simulator” from Siemens PLCSIM5.1 or higher.

The data can be written and read by any OPC 2x-compliant OPC client.

Rockwell Software


RSLinx™ is a complete communication server providing plant-floor device connectivity for a wide variety of Rockwell Software applications such as RSLogix™ 5/500/5000, RSView32, FactoryTalk® View Site Edition and FactoryTalk Transaction Manager. In addition, several open interfaces are provided for third-party HMI, data collection and analysis packages, and custom client-application software. RSLinx can support multiple software applications simultaneously, communicating to a variety of devices on many different networks.

Windows Terminal Services


Terminal Services is a component of Microsoft Windows operating systems (both client and server versions) that allows a user to access applications or data stored on a remote computer over a network connection. Terminal Services is Microsoft's take on server centric computing.



Propalms TSE is designed to make the most of your Windows™ Terminal Services deployment by leveraging the most recent enhancements to the Microsoft™ Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Propalms TSE adds indispensable management capabilities even to small-to-medium business deployments and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.


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