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Business Partners: Nebraska Public Power District

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Nebraska Public Power District is Nebraska's largest electric utility, with a chartered territory including all or parts of 91 of Nebraska's 93 counties. It was formed on Jan. 1, 1970, when Consumers Public Power District, Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation District (PVPPID) and Nebraska Public Power System merged to become Nebraska Public Power District. Merger properties also included assets formerly operated by Loup River Public Power District. NPPD is a public corporation and political subdivision of the state of Nebraska. The utility is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors, who are popularly elected from NPPD's chartered territory.


NPPD's revenue is mainly derived from wholesale power supply agreements with 52 towns and 25 rural public power districts and rural cooperatives who rely totally or partially on NPPD's electrical system. NPPD also serves about 80 communities at the retail level. Over 5,000 miles of transmission lines make up the NPPD electrical grid system, which delivers power to about one million Nebraskans. Because of our role as both a retail and wholesale provider, an estimated 1 million people in Nebraska depend on NPPD for electricity. View NPPD's Who We Serve section for a complete listing.


NPPD uses a mix of generating facilities to meet the needs of its customers. This includes a nuclear plant (Cooper Nuclear Station), three steam plants (Canaday, Gerald Gentleman Station and Sheldon), a combined-cycle facility (Beatrice Power Station), wind generation facilities, nine hydro facilities, nine diesel plants and three peaking units. NPPD also purchases electricity from the Western Area Power Administration, which is operated by the federal government. NPPD is also a member of the Southwest Power Pool, the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool and the Western System Power Pool.


Nebraska Public Power District is Nebraska's largest electric utility, with a chartered territory including all or parts of 91 of Nebraska's 93 counties. NPPD services and programs include:


Nebraska Public Power District


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