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21st Century Literacy Skills - This site has a variety of resources and mapping documents for 21st Century Literacy Skills. Including skills maps related to Mathematics and Science.


Alice - Educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3d environment


Annual Electricity Generation by Fuel Type in Nebraska

Are You Going To Finish Strong? - This link gives a short video clip from Nick Vujicic, who has no limbs and talks about finishing strong when things are difficult, and is a nice clip to show before difficult STEM lesson.

BD - Medical Supplies; Devices and Technology; Laboratory Products; Antibodies

Build a Robot Flash Game - At this website, elementary and middle schools students can create a robot out of cartoon parts and animate it.


Camstudio - Free screen capture program useful for making video tutorials 

Community Factbook - Columbus, NE

Conical Frustum Visual


Curiosity In The Classroom - Discovery Education and Intel have teamed up to create Curiosity in the Classroom, a website designed to bring teachers, students and families on a journey through life's biggest questions.

Current resources on S-Span frameless metal building design

Historical resources on S-Span frameless metal building design

Explanation of Problem Based Learning Style

Example of a Mechanical Drawing


Federal Trade Commission - EnergyGuide Label Guide


Filezilla - Free and open-source ftp client used to transfer files to and from ftp servers very quickly.


Google Chrome - Google's alternative web browser. There is also an open-source version called Chromium.

Google Picasa - Google owned image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. Can tag faces like Facebook. The software also can connect to Google's Picasaweb photo sharing service.


Google Sketchup - Free 3d modelling program

History of the Standard Oil Company by Ida Minerva Tarbell - view online book

How Stuff Works - Really Big Things: Hydroelectric Power - Video


How Stuff Works - How A Transformer Works

Interactive STEM/Physics Simulations - This website includes numerous high quality simulations for STEM topics, and particular physics connections. There are some nice connections to robotics.


Izarc - Software that handles a multitude of compression formats found commonly on the web.


Jenfab Cleaning Systems - Site used by BD Medical

Kemper Arena Article - 1979 Roof Collapse

Library of Virtual Manipulatives - This is a great NSF website, that has lots of online manipulatives, with nice STEM connections to various grade topics including some robotics related ones.


The Little Shop of Physics is a group of science educators and science students based out of Colorado State University.

  • Find creative ways to share the wonder of science, present a unique hands-on science experience to a diverse range of students
  • Involve undergraduates in significant and meaningful service
  • Share ideas and insights with current and future teachers
Loup Power District – Interactive House

Mathematics Homework Help - This is website developed by the Discovery Channel for helping with mathematics homework. It provides a nice supplement to SPIRIT mathematics lessons.


Microbiology Staining Techniques


MinutePhysics - Fun and educational YouTube channel that explains physics concepts with very short illustrated videos.

NASA - Calculator-Controlled Robots: Hands-on Mathematics and Science Discovery Educator Guide - NASA Graphing Calculator Robot Lessons

NASA Space Place for Kids - This NASA website has some excellent hands-on STEM activities for kids, including some on robotics.

Nebraska Career Connections


Nebraska Health and Human Services List of Required School Immunizations

Nebraska Public Power District - Electric usage in your home

Online Forum

On-line Graphing Tools

PBS Building Big Structures Labs

Penstock – Wikipedia article with image of several penstocks bringing water down to the turbines

People History


Periodic Table of Videos - Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one.

Petroleum History

Petroleum Technologies Timeline

Pinwheel Instructions
Pocketmod - This is an interactive resource website, in which many features have been used as a model for the SPIRIT lesson website.
Robots on IEEE Spectrum
Scratch Programming - This is a website in which students can do some simple and interesting programming activities.

Sodaplay - At this website, students can build and animate robotic stick figures.


Step-Down Transformer


Sound Presentations for Kids


TED: Ideas worth spreading - Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers

ThinkQuest Robotics - This website is an introduction to robotics resource developed by the ThinkQuest organization. It has some nice activities for elementary and middle school children, as well as some nice background information on robotics.


Transformer Information

U.S. Department of Energy (types of hydropower plants)

U.S. History of Minimum Wage


Veritasium - Well-produced YouTube science video channel with many topics covered.

Ways to Measure Without a Ruler
Welded and Drawn Stainless Steel Tubing
Wind turbines - photos
Wire Skeleton Robot - At this website, students can animate a robot shaped like a human body.

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