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A powerful resource focused on developing the high-tech manufacturing workforce.

The Mechatronics Education Center (MEC) is a collaborative effort led by Central Community College, which received a $1.64 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor President’s High Growth Job Training Initiative for this innovative program.

If you’re an employer, the MEC can help you upgrade your employees’ skills, train new employees or implement new technology into your processes—all with an eye toward greater productivity and profitability.

If you work within a manufacturing environment, the MEC can help you stay current and improve your prospects for advancement.

If you’re a student deciding on a career, the Mechatronics Education Center can provide the skills and training that today’s employers demand. When your teacher or instructor uses MEC resources in your classes, you can be assured that the education you are receiving is in step with today’s technology and employer expectations.

If you’re a teacher or instructor, the MEC provides you with state-of-the-art resources for your students, helping them gain valuable skills and information that is both relevant and easily accessible. The MEC can also help you stay current with technology and professional development opportunities.

If you’re a dislocated worker, MEC training can help you gain skills that make you highly employable in one of the most dynamic growth areas available.


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